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Thank you to my nominators and all my students, past and present for awarding me Wandsworth Lifelong Learning Tutor of the year
Photographs of the evening can be viewed in the gallery.

Inspirational FE Tutors- in their own words...

Caged bird of youth

 Have you seen a bird in a cage?
Singing, colourful and bright but feeling rage
from her heart locked in the cage,
She may ask herself; is my creator there?
Because beyond the bars there waits an expanse of air
in which she has never soared, as trapped she stays,
Her wings long and beautiful, she cannot spread them here,
She waits patiently as her creator is her only fear,
Will she die before she is able to soar in the sky forever more?
This beautiful bird has a heart and soul.
Or will she live to cry looking out at the sky beyond her reach?
Open the cage, watch her fly,
Frightened at first, even shy,
Up she soars- sideways, high in the sky,
Swooping and looping and singing on high,
The flock from a distance looks like her,
Wings and feathers, beaks the same,
But nearer still she observes; they ignore her, she goes unheard,
Her colours are bright- purple, green, yellow, blue,
A beautiful bird of creation (not unlike you),
The others are grey, white, black, brown,
Perhaps they come from another town,
Still she searches far and wide,
But finds no one like her to fly by her side,
She continues and flys on and on
To search for her kind on another horizon,
As her creator had willed from the day she was born;
Her spirit is soaring,
Her wings are outspread,
Her soul is reborn,
As she flies overhead.

copyright M. McKenna

Make wilderness education a part of FE. It would focus on improving our understanding of nature and its practical, intellectual and emotional importance in our lives. It would involve being away from screen and desk, out on moor and mountain. Funding would come from an all new, government-backed, national FE “eco education” budget.
Caspar Walsh- wilderness educator.

I wish that one prison could be made The University of Prison. A campus where all of the inmates would have won their place through academic merit, just as in the world outside. At the moment, prisoners who are doing degrees are spread through the system and are often isolated on the inside and cut off from the outside.
It would be the best university in the world; people would commit crimes just to get in…..
Alan Smith- prison Philosophy teacher.

If you stacked the A4 certificates that represent the qualifications we award each year in FE, the pile would be the height of a college and each one will tell a story; the ice-hockey player who broke his neck and battled back and came top of the class; the apprentice with a sweep of distinctions; the mature student who shakes away the nervousness of returning to education to star in the classroom.
Steven Wallis- Hartlepool College of Further Education.

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